Klaxontech unlocks the value of connected devices, cloud and data analytics to empower IIoT solution providers as well as businesses in such industries as manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, logistics and more. Our skills and solutions help enterprise adopters to increase operational efficiency, worker safety, quality control and corporate social responsibility. Read on to find out how it works across multiple sectors.

Connected manufacturing

Improve product quality and increase worker safety, bringing connected sensors and devices into a production facility.

Intelligent farming, agriculture and forestry

Improve land use and agricultural outputs through intelligent irrigation and cultivation, detailed forecasting and better monitoring of crops and livestock.

Connected logistics

Streamline and secure storage, dispatch and shipment of goods thanks to RFID tags, sensors, and robots inside and outside the warehouse.

Proactive equipment maintenance

Use unmanned machinery inspection to reduce unexpected breakdowns and thus maintenance costs.

Digital oil rig

Reduce lifting costs through better seismic analysis and pressure monitoring as well as increased active rig time.

Energy consumption management

Streamline and secure storage, dispatch and shipment of goods thanks to RFID tags, sensors, and robots inside and outside the warehouse.

Smart building

Create comfortable climate conditions for employees and inventory by implementing intelligent management of HVAC, lighting and humidity in your buildings. Save maintenance costs by reducing heat and power consumption via smarter, more flexible automated controls and fault prediction. Increase security without downgrading the comfort.

Pollution control

Ensure environmental sustainability, using connected devices to measure water and air pollution levels, and receive alerts when they exceed the predefined thresholds.

Smart transportation

Increase safety, reliability and convenience of a vehicle fleet with the help of speed and location tracking, road condition monitoring, remote diagnostics, fuel-saving devices and more.

Our IIoT Development Services

High-level programming is our long suit; however, we also cooperate with device manufacturers to provide enterprise adopters with end-to-end solutions. Here is what we can do:

  • Software for industrial sensors, gateways and devices;
  • Integration with ERP, DAM, CRM and other systems;
  • Interfaces for connected devices;
  • Big Data, BI and visualization;
  • Web and mobile end-user apps with custom UI and UX;

How We Approach IIoT Solutions

With a good grasp of evolving needs, opportunities and risks across industries, we create IIoT solutions with a special focus on industrial requirements and challenges, such as connectivity, safety and consistent user experiences. Particularly, they are:

Seamlessly integrated with disparate devices in an IoT system
Autonomously controlled – for example, when intervention can be harmful to people
Resilient to packet loss and other failures
Reliable regardless of the process complexity
Secure against third-party intervention, cyber attacks and information leaks
Scalable to potentially thousands of nodes and links