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A recent Ventana Research survey indicated that 50% of all companies consider the establishment of data governance approval processes as a key capability for product information management.

However, this consideration extends far beyond product data. Without the right processes and roles in your organization maintaining your information, achieving your data goals becomes extremely hard, if not impossible.

Establishing data governance teams while enforcing policies and rules can quickly get out of hand and can take focus away from running your business.

That’s why Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management platform, STEP, allows you to maintain the accuracy and accountability of your information while enabling you to easily implement policies and processes, version control and approvals with integrated workflows and business rules. 

STEP helps you implement an enterprise data governance program that will allow you to:

  • Implement processes for all your information, such as reference data, product data, customer data with built-in workflows

  • Augment successful data governance teams

  • Provide role-based security and access privileges

  • Synchronize and centralize your data with automation

  • Deliver comprehensive auditing capabilities


Implement policies that free you to focus on business outcomes