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Customer insight begins with customer knowledge. Knowing who your customers are and recognizing them at any point of contact can only be achieved when you have access to a 360-degree customer profile.

Creating a single source of truth, populated with a consolidated "Golden Record" view of your customer data across your enterprise, is vital to properly identifying the information at the right time.


Create high-confidence customer or organization records by combining them into accurate and up-to-date Golden Records. Use a combination of matching algorithms in association with business rules to deliver a single view of customer data across all channels and touch points.


Associate customer and organization Golden Records through householding, social media or through identification and management of relationships between and across your resolved customer entities in order to better understand each customer’s total worth and influence.


Incorporate critical data elements into your customer and organization Golden Records from data sets within the enterprise or from third-party data sources to create a more accurate and informed view of each customer than previously available.


Send resolved and enhanced master data records to front-line business processes and analytical applications to improve customer experience at point of engagement, produce better insights and make better business decisions.


Identify, consolidate and link customer data across your enterprise in a single, accessible customer view