A set of services targeted to BDMs, TDMs and mid-management with the goal identify the needs of the particular company/department in Digital Transformation, set the priorities, project(s) scope, select technologies and KPIs, define project success metrics. These services can be delivered at the project initiation phase, before the real development and implementation starts, during the “continuous innovation” phase.

Key Consulting Services Provided!

Our workshop-style engagements typically include the following topics

Digital Transformation Maturity and Readiness Assessment

Typical Industrial Scenarios Discussion and Selection

Project Scope and Architecture

Business Model and Monetization

Technologies Selection and Scenarios Definition

Project Business Goals

Clients and Partners

Customer Journey Map Discussion and Creation

Big Data

Evaluation and review of existing Data Sources, Algorithms for data processing and desired visualizations


Evaluation of existing services, new and extended services definition, mapping to processes and customer journey

Internet of Things

Review of existing/required sensors and devices; data sets and sources; requirements for the Infrastructure


Evaluation of existing processes, new and extended processes definition, mapping to services


Required Infrastructure and cloud-based Services; vendor and deployment model selection


Review of existing tools, evaluation of new and planned tools; mapping tools to processes


Platform | Review of existing data sources, new data sources, internal and external data enrichment sources, identification of volume, variety and velocity of data feature